Varathane Vs Minwax

Minwax wood filler and wood putty are designed to fill small holes and spaces on the wood and ensure an even wooden surface. They provide a thick coating and a shiny and glossy appearance. Due to the thick coating, some parts take longer time to dry than others.

For instance, I tried Walnut and this Colonial Black and decided on the black. It cuts down on the orange-yellow stain of these doors BUT I still don’t have a TRUE black stain. I have a darker stain with the warm undertones showing through which reminds me of a Dark Walnut. When staining over an existing finish, it’s much easier and safer to go darker rather than lighter. Because Gel Stains are an oil-based product, I recommend wiping down the surface with a 50/50 denatured alcohol and water. Or you can substitute denatured alcohol for a 50/50 Methyl Hydrate and water solution.

Best Wax And Grease Remover Before Paint:perfect For Surface Preparation

The higher the VOC’s and solid rates the better quality product. These finishes flow and level better as well as dry and cure faster with less odor. If you want professional results then you should be using professional products. Minwax generally dries in 8 hours but often takes 2-3 days to cure enough before you can safely apply the 1st coat of poly. And, if it’s very humid and/or a dark color, it can take even longer.

8 Hardwood Floor Finishes and Their Pros & Cons –

8 Hardwood Floor Finishes and Their Pros & Cons.

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Anyway, I would stick with the tried and true Minwax penetrating stain, and finish it off with a nice coat of Butcher’s Wax. The more humid it is, the longer time it will take for the odor to go away. After it has dries thoroughly, give it a coat of Butcher’s Wax as well, it’ll really shine it up.

What Is Varathane?

Again it’s only an opinion, but I have used Minwax religiously for many years. The unfortunate reality is that you can only stain bare wood. Varthane’s stain/poly is pretty the same as Minwax’s Polyshades and only suitable for finishing dog houses.

  • Thin-bodied stains don’t have this problem because they wick into tight spots and the areas adjoining them.
  • This Classic Gray stain creates the perfect weathered look without over-saturating with too much gray.
  • This is designed to be a slow drying wood stain.
  • Many DIYers and professionals alike consider oil-based polyurethane to be the clear winner.
  • If you have to apply more than one coat, you could end up spending much more time on your project if you opt for polyurethane.
  • If you don’t want to do this, then you could try putting in a bit of a tint on the 3rd coat of poly to make it a tad darker .
  • We selected wood types that are all commonly used by DIYers and easily available at your local hardware store.

This will even out your surface for application. Even though the Gel Stain has some urethane in it, I recommend 2-3 coats of Top Coat for protection. Every single piece of wood took on a gray hue including the red oak. This Classic Gray stain creates the perfect weathered look without over-saturating with too much gray.

To save more time to offset that spent building tent and cleaning brush,here’s another time saving tip. Apply additional coats without sanding,just tack the surface off. I know some will not agree and that most instructions reccomend sanding,but after you master the above,try it without sanding.

They’re also much less flammable than oil-based options, as you can probably imagine. Most importantly, though water does not have a smell, and it dries relatively quickly. You won’t have to let the wood “air out” for this reason. You’ll also have to wait fewer times between coats. Minwax is a particular kind of wood stain and finish made by a company of the same name.

CookieDurationDescriptioncookielawinfo-checbox-analytics11 monthsThis cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. When using these products, adequate ventilation is requires, especially if staining is being done indoors. Most of the Varathane products smell oily while most of the Minwax products have some sort of antic smell when used on wood. They are permanent and bond well with the wood and are also easy to use; therefore you can do it by yourself. They, however, tend to dry unevenly especially when thicker layers are applied.

minwax vs varathane stain

However, this varnish doesn’t withstand heat and chemicals. It is great for furniture, but it’s not recommended to apply it near sources of heat, such as a radiator or fireplace. In its liquid form, polyurethane is used as a coating for a variety of products.

It’s easy to apply without drips, then wipes off easily. There isn’t a noticeable strip of missing stain from the painter’s tape, which tells me that the stain soaks deep into the wood and bonds to the fibers well. Turns out, it’s hard to transform any warm wood color into a cool color! Even my favorite grey wood stain only looks truly grey in light tones like maple. I wanted to see if the same effect occurred with black wood stain.

minwax vs varathane stain

I’ve had great results with the process the seanmpuckett laid out above. Minwax stain with a rag, then some clear sealant . I would again emphasize proper surface prep both pre-stain, and between sealant coats. Make sure to get all sanding dust and wood fibers off the surface before putting down a new coat. I have found a tinted oil-based urethane , a tinted water-based urethane (Varathane Stain+Poly) and a good clear water-based urethane . However, since the new baseboard trim is unfinished and it needs to closely match the existing trim, it needs color.

Contractor Problem (interior Stain Used In Exterior Application)

Correct a higher VOC does not indicate that the finish will flow better. I am not entirely sure myself since for what ever reason I myself did not experience issues thankfully. Could these people have experienced issues simply from not taking one step backwards in order to go two steps forward? In other words using there old methods on new finishes may not yield the same end results. Plus the fact that it’s one part which would be simpler for home owners to in fact use as compared to the cross linked urethanes. With that being said and just for my own curiosity, what are the main complaints or better worded causes you have personally witnessed on job sites with finish failure?

The nature of a sealer/varnish is to sit on the surface of the wood and, well, seal it. The nature of a stain is to soak in, and stain it. These two functions are somewhat at odds, so a 2-in-1 solution is always going to be an unsatisfactory compromise between the 2 functions. Doing the stain separately minwax vs varathane stain from the topcoat is definitely the way to go. Polyshades and similar products are cruel lies told to take advantage of the inexperienced. I’d use whatever stain your local store carries, but if it’s oil-based then you’ll need to let it cure thoroughly before using a waterborne topcoat.

Why Is Wood Preparation Important?

When choosing a stain for your outdoor wood project, there are several factors to consider in choosing the kind that is best suited for your needs. The two main stain bases are either oil-based stain or water-based stain and there are certain situations where one is better to use than the other. Oil and water-based stains provide different levels of protection and coverage depending on factors such as type of wood, previous wood treatment, weather exposure, etc. Below we’ve provided some context for your important decision of using oil-based stains versus water-based stains.

5 years ago, we had some of our red oak floors refinished in Minwax Special Walnut. Recently, we had a leak problem, and had two rooms torn out, and being rebuilt. We decided to take advantage of this bad situation and out up some wood beams on the vaulted ceilings. We decided to have it match the special walnut floors and the rest of the house. We texted Minwax special walnut, in 1 and 2 coats, on the cedar wood to make sure it was the color we liked. I am using the minwax poly on my “practice” piece, the top of an old dresser.

I used Minwax Polycrylic with a satin finish for the top coat on all the samples, because it dries clear and won’t affect the final color. I avoided any stain color called Ebony, which could contain hints of dark brown that would skew the results. Some brands have more than one formulation with the same color, so I chose the most commonly used version from each brand.


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